Location Bundoora
Located just 14km north of Melbourne’s CBD, this new central shopping and living domain is going to combine living with a comfortable lifestyle.

Bundoora the “capital city of universities” has an incredible shortage of rental accommodation.
Destined to be one of Melbourne’s most vibrant towns offering affordable and sustainable residential living plus retail and business destination for residents and community members alike.

Polaris will establish a vibrant, high quality residential & shopping destination for Melbourne’s inner north … which is forecast to grow by up to 65,000 people in 2030. What this means to you is that a 48% increase in population (by 2021) will continue to drive both capital growth and rental income.

Universities include : La Trobe, RMIT West + East Campus … do you know that there are around 20,000 students + 2,000 staff with around 7,000 students being international and all looking for a place to live!
Bundoora offers a wide range of schools, community facilities, health services, parks and efficient public transport of Bus, Tram and Train services.

Polaris 3083 situated off Plenty Road promises to be a one-stop shop for community services managed by the Darebin Council offering a new & innovative exciting neighbourhood community.